Hey, I'm Ross. I'm a Graphic Designer turned Motion Designer turned 3D Artist. I love bringing brands and products to life through the power of CG, and teaching the process along the way.




Forever learning.

I remember first opening Cinema 4D back in 2011(-ish) when I was just a little teen. Who would've thought over 10 years later it would've turned into a career? Along the way, I studied Graphic Design, worked as a Motion Designer, a 3D Visualiser, and eventually, turned to the life of a Freelance 3D Artist.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure to work with some great agencies and clients, learning from some of the greats and slowly but surely honing my craft. Over recent years, I decided to give back to the very community I learnt from - making short tutorials on YouTube, before shifting to Patreon for the more premium and longer-form content.

I now like to strike a balance between working with great people whilst passing on my knowledge to those just getting into the industry.

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Bring your ideas to life

Pushing beyond reality and creating visuals beyond physicality, 3D allows us to bring ideas to life which would be impossible in the real world.

Setting a Style

Not sure which direction to take your brand in? We can work together to create something which reflects your brand and looks beautiful.

Make your images move

What's better than static visuals? Moving visuals. In an evergrowing digital world, motion is becoming more and more important and helps to add a whole new dimension to your brand and catch the attention of more eyeballs.


and partners

The lucky ones

Below is a list of some of my favourite clients and partners that I have worked with. Let's work together to add your name to that list.

Want to work together on your project?

Looking to bring your brand to life? Want to put your product in a surreal environment? Need help learning 3D? Shoot me a message and we'll see what we can do together.

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